Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bad Boy

The reality show that really opened the door to all the other reality shows-"Cops." Such a guilty tv pleasure. I just never can get enough of those busts of morons with missing teeth pathetically resisting arrest shouting "I don't deal crack!" And "Cops" has now been on the air for an unbelievable 25 years.

What is also hard to believe is that this guy wasn't on "Cops" because this is the best bust ever.
19 year old Dandre Moore in Mississippi was pulled over and arrested with nearly 400 pill of oxycodone and another bottle of pills with Xanax-all of which he was most likely selling as there was $5000 of cash in his glove box. Oh and he also had an ounce of marijuana---in his underwear. 
Now as if all that wasn't amazingly criminal, this dude brings it on home by having a toddler in the back seat and by the fact that when he was pulled over he was driving with his knees so he could "double text" which means he was texting on two phones-one in each hand. Busted.
Just reading this report, I hear the theme to "Cops" in my head.

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