Friday, April 26, 2013

Coffee, Tea, Me?

Virgin America airline has added a new in flight feature that makes flying the friendly skies much friendlier. Using the built in monitors on every seat, fliers can browse the passenger map and the airline's food and drink menus, then pick a treat and send it to any passenger on the plane, paying with their credit card. Passengers can also message each other through the monitor-possibly setting up a meeting by the bathroom. Virgin excitedly announced this new in flight flirting system on facebook earlier this week to help passengers get "lucky."
This is ridiculous and yet so intriguing. I do feel a long flight could be made so much more interesting with the addition of flirting-especially this elementary school-like flirting of sending a "do you like me? check yes or no" kind of message.

But all this flirting, winking, online dating, matchmaking....why? Are we desperate? Are we more lonely in this connected age of technology? What ever happened to the romantic chance encounters of the past? Is that something that only existed in Frank Capra films? I don't know. But if some one sends me a cocktail next time I'm flying, I won't turn it down. I just highly doubt it will all lead to a romance. But who knows? At the very least I see a plot for a great rom com here.

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