Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's Have A Potato Party!

Another week, another fad........
The newest thing that those crazy kids are up to is "Potato Parties." The trend began in Japan last year, and is where kids have taken to ordering huge amounts (hundreds of dollars worth) of fries at McDonald's, dumping them on to trays and photographing themselves stuffing their faces.
Sounds actually kind of awesome. I do love a good binge eating fest.
And really, even though McDonald's french fries are not great for you (a Medium fry has 19g of fat, 370 calories, and 266mg of sodium), this ridiculous behavior is a relatively healthier choice when it comes to ridiculous activities that kids will engage in-especially when many involve binging on alcohol or drugs. A while ago, I remember hearing about parties where kids were "skittling" which meant that they were taking any prescription or over the counter drugs they could find to a party, putting them in a bowl with what everyone else brought, and then just taking a handful to see if they hallucinate. I think we'll all agree that kids sitting around a table filled with fries is less horrific than that.
Speaking of horrific and fries, remember the McDonald's Fry Guys?
They were one of the many residents in Ronald McDonald's acid trip of a hometown McDonaldland-presided over by the Honorable Mayor McCheese. These bizarre, multicolored shaggy beings who had bodies like a koosh ball with skinny legs and no arms were always out to steal and binge on the fries. And you had to give these pioneers of the Potato Party credit, they were quite creative in executing their fry stealing plots given their physical limitations.
See the caper all in action with the catchy "it's a good time for McDonald's french fries" ditty: 

These crazy carb addict Fry kids doing this new fad are just proving what the scary clown says in this classic commercial "sharing fries is fun." So forget having a kiki, let's have a Potato Party!

*Those Fry Guys never seemed as weird or unappetizing to me as much as the talking/rapping chicken nuggets. Those sick hooligans covering themselves in BBQ sauce should not have been allowed on the streets of McDonaldland. Where were you on that Mayor McCheese? I guess he had his hands full with that known wanted criminal McBurglar.

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