Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes a Cone is Just a Cone....

That is not art. Yep, that is the official word regarding this partially buried single roadwork cone in Dundee, Scotland that was discovered last week.
It was initially thought to be awesome art, potentially by international icon and subversive and secretive street artist Bansky who does work like this:
And Bansky in fact DID once create street art in South England that was a series of buried cones.
But the cone in question is in fact just a cone as confirmed to the local newspaper The Courier by contracted workers who were working on paving the street. The cone was simply a marker for a service box.
Bummer. No Bansky.
But I like this thought that mundane things can just become art. I know! There should be an app for our smart phones that would allow us to photograph everything around us and then put some cool light filter on it to make it art......oh wait.

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