Tuesday, March 12, 2013

King of Pop's Daughter is Princess of Pep?

A video of Michael Jackson's 14 year old daughter, Paris, being a cheerleader for her prep school has surfaced and gotten the attention of the Philadelphia Eagles cheer director, Barbara Zaun.
I feel like I'm missing something here. I don't know.......just watch the video. Paris is the one with the raven pixie cut in the back.

Ok. So I've been a professional dancer for years so I'm pretty astute at spotting star quality when it comes to movement. And Paris, in this video----she doesn't got it. She's not a stand out in pep at all. In fact, I found myself watching the girl in front of her who has a beaming smile and flawlessly executes the tumble pass with her waist-length weave.
All Paris is doing is stomping and clapping. I'm not even sure she is smiling. And that kick she does at the end unfortunately falls short of impressive. Her leg is goes to barely hip height and is not even straight. Now why am I picking on the poor girl's technique? Because a professional cheer director of a major squad that many girls work hard and aspire to said "We think Paris will make a great Eagle cheerleader!" And I have to disagree. And I have to wonder what is the ulterior motive of this woman from the Philadelphia Eagles in expressing interest in the truly less than perky young Paris. It wouldn't have anything to do with her being the daughter of moon-walking pop star Michael Jackson. That couldn't possibly be it.
Regardless, I think that this goes to show that the daughter of the King of Pop has it made and will be able to do anything she wants to do-which apparently is not just cheerleading, but music. Well, I just hope she's a better singer than she is kicker. Considering her brother, Prince, got handed a job as on on-air reporter for Entertainment Tonight last month, we should just get prepared for the fact that we are going to see a lot of Michael Jackson's offspring.

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