Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Being Liza

It's Liza Minnelli's 67th birthday. I think this an official holiday for gay men. But the rest of us should celebrate too. Liza is an unparalleled, award-winning performer, is Hollywood royalty being Judy Garland's daughter, and has that signature unique style (aptly described by Buster in "Arrested Development" as "a brownish area with points")and that voice! But perhaps the best thing about Liza is all the laughs she has given us-sometimes unintentionally and sometimes through the comedic genius of others. Taylor Swift (and many other performers and people in general) could take a lesson from this lady and learn to laugh at themselves and just embrace, the way Liza seems to, the fact that others are laughing with/at you. Because mockery is a form of flattery. And Liza never seems to take herself too seriously. Sometimes when watching the real Liza, you get the feeling you are watching a parody of Liza, which makes it all the more fun that she is in on the joke.
So here, in honor of Liza, are some other great women and Liza herself, being Liza.
Now go out and do as Liza does and Ingrid Bergman says "Be yourself. The world worships an original."

Liza Minnelli performing "Single Ladies" in Sex in the City 2. The only good thing in Sex in the City 2. I love the Liza back up dancers.

Kristen Wiig on SNL as Liza Minnelli doing a "Fosse neck" to turn off a lamp to go see Cats. Brilliant. (Click here to watch.)

Liza Minnelli babbling nonsensically on the Home Shopping Network selling her line on velvet halter jumpsuits and bangle bracelets. This, amazingly, is not an SNL sketch.

Liza Minnelli on The Muppet Show dancing slutty with lifesize muppets.

Liza Minnelli dancing with Baryshnikov. Because why not.

And finally, "S*#t Liza Minnelli Says" by the amazing impressionist and comedienne Christine Pedi. I'm pretty sure this is spot on what it would be like to be around Ms. M.

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