Monday, August 25, 2014

Subway Yoga, Ice Bucket Costume, and Stupid Men......A Few of My Least Favorite Things

It's only Tuesday and already I have so much to be mad about this week.

Yoga on the Subway. No thanks. Please don't try to prove you are better than me while showing off your hoohah in your see-through Lululemon pants. If I wanted to suffer this awkward inferiority in a sweaty, hot, crowded space, I'd go to a freaking yoga class. Ugh, I'd prefer the subway break dancers. They were actually less annoying.

While I am actually kind of ready for summer to be over, I see things like this and begin to dread the Pumpkin everything season. Come Halloween, everyone should have permission to dounce anyone they see wearing one of these stupid Ice Bucket Challenge costumes with freezing water in the chilly autumn air.
The news of the Nutella (really hazlenut) shortage is yet again another example of the media over-hype that attempts to appeal to the alarmist in all of us. Remember the great Bacon Shortage of 2013 and Cheesepocolypse of early 2014? Or even worse, the threat of wine shortage? Life went on and we have yet to run out of any of these indulgences. So let's all calm down and put our focus on things like...countries that really do need food.
But let's not let Miley Cyrus be the spokesperson for that. I know she is trying to do something good here, but I can't help but be disgusted by the media stunt of her taking a formerly homeless young man who resembled a circa 2000 Hanson brother as her date/mouthpiece for award acceptance to the VMAs. She also really splurged to show him a classy time and took him to In and Out Burger. Yes, homelessness is real and is a problem, and it is wonderful she is using her fame for something other than dry humping objects, but I think this seemed to exploit the issue in a self-indulgent manner-so typical Miley.
But maybe you are better off just finding a homeless man as your date. I am loosing faith in men. A man in England, with the help of a buddy, told his girlfriend he had been kidnapped just so he could stay out partying without her annoying him. This of course resulted in the concerned girlfriend getting the police to go on a futile manhunt eventually ending in the man getting busted and charged.
I need a drink.

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