Sunday, April 27, 2014

To Bee High

Oh, what are those crazy kids up to now? It worries me that I am finding more and more I say that quite often. And, every time I do, a new gray hair appears. But kids now a days are just coming up with crazy stuff like "Beezin."
Beezin' is apparently when you take Burt's Bees Lip Balm and smear it on your eyelids to get a tingly high buzz.

This sounds absolutely horrible. Like when you are cutting peppers and then for no good reason touch your eyes. That's not at all a pleasurable high. It's burning fiery hell on your eyeballs. Once I made pizza, obviously involving tasty jalapenos, and later, when I went to take out my contact lenses, the pepper remains on my finger tips sent such suffering through me. It all escalated to a scene of me writhing on the floor and desperately pouring milk on my face to ease the spicy pain. Definitely not a thrilling party experience that I would do for fun.
Who comes up with this stuff? How bored can kids be to come up with something like this? Or is it the competitive thrill seeking world created by social media circuits?
I don't know. But I hear about things like this and realize socially I probably have more in common with an AARP geezer than one of these "beezers." I truly realized this last week when I called the cops on my neighbors for partying too loudly on a Friday night.
Yeah, I may as well just get some orthopedic shoes.

**Blog shout out to my Aunt Ali-one of my blog's biggest fans and not at all an orthopedic shoe wearing geezer-whose couch is where this blog was written from.

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