Monday, April 14, 2014

Tax Day

Tax Day. My pictorial essay of the experience.

Yep. I've got everything under control.
Nope. Just one more episode of Law and Order: SVU and one Buzzfeed quiz and then I'm going to have lunch.

Yikes. The day has arrived and I can't even find my 1099s. Did I use them as toilet paper?
Acceptance of the idea that you are going to Federal Prison.
It's ok. Maybe I'll write a best seller and get a tv show. Actually this could get my life on track. I'll get to eat meals, work out, meet new people.....
More panic.

Help me.
I have a college degree. Why can't I figure this out? How do I owe so much money? I need to re-evaluate my whole existence. 

Driving hours home to get your Dad to help.
I didn't think I could feel worse.
Finally getting them done.
Bam. Take that IRS.

Followed by the realization that thanks to what you had to pay the government, life as you know it is over, as you are now too poor to go anywhere, see anybody, or do anything.
While I'm home at my parents I should start raiding my room for old toys to put on ebay.
But at least I can post this cool badge on my social media to let everyone know I am #winning.
Seriously? Are they mocking me?

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