Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ronald McDonald's New Look

 I love a good makeover. Many a happy afternoon was spent watching What Not To Wear-and consequently fearing that Clinton and Stacy would one day jump out on me in my yoga pants and baggy sweater.
The big makeover talk right now is all about Ronald McDonald's new look. It's big news. Like when Michelle Obama got bangs.
The iconic clown representing the home of the Supersized Big Mac has apparently traded in his prison wear yellow jumpsuit for a more hipster friendly look featuring a bow tie and ankle cropped mustard trousers.
Looking at the before and after, like with any good makeover, you definitely see that Ronald looks like a slimmer clown now. Amazing what some good tailored pants over the hip area will do.
Ronald did get to keep his signature stripes on his shirt, but it is made more subdued with blazer, tastefully embroidered with his own likeness. I do however appreciate the clever M created by the two tone tails of the coat.
Ronald got to keep his big red shoes which I find surprising. While we all know big feet are......exciting, I would have expected this makeover to have put him in some more up to date kicks. Perhaps a pair of red chucks?
I also am surprised they didn't do something with his bouffant of red hair.
I actually would have found it really amazing if they had just gone full out hipster with this. Picture it: hipster glasses, an asymmetrical haircut, a red and white flannel, some skinny yellow jeans. But I'm not sure that look would really be reaching their target market. Though I'm not sure who their target market is with this new look which was in fact designed by Ann Hould-Ward, an accomplished Tony Award winning Broadway costume designer. I'm sure she was thrilled to add this to her resume. Everything seems to go to Broadway nowadays. Maybe this is the overture to a McMusical that is headed our way. I wouldn't hate to see a musical number featuring tap dancing Fry Kids.
McDonald's says that Ronald's new look is because the clown will now be playing a bigger role in the company's social media channels as part of their new campaigns so look forward to a side of instagram with your burger clown McTweets.
I wonder if the rest of the old gang will also be getting a reboot. What has Mayor McCheese been up to?

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