Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff Explained

When preparing for my most recent appearance on The Colin McEnroe Show on NPR, this thing called "The Fiscal Cliff" came up as a topic we may want to discuss. I had been hearing this buzz word and was vaguely familiar, but obviously had to delve deeper into research on it so as to not go on NPR and sound like a complete moron. And though I am deeply interested in politics, the world of finance and budget does not interest me. In fact, finances in general elude me. I have trouble keeping track of my own. I guess I just figured you have to have a lot more money than I do before you start to care about it. But thankfully, the only money hungry miser I like, Mr. Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons, stepped up and created this great video to perfectly explain this "Fiscal Cliff" to me and the other confused citizens. Now I get it. And I also love that he is reading "Binders" and "Women."

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