Monday, December 3, 2012

Here Comes the Royal Baby

Well Kate Middleton's new floppy bang haircut that makes her look like Jaclyn Smith in Charlie's Angels isn't the only thing that's different for the Duchess of Cambridge-she's pregnant. Really this time! It was in fact confirmed by the Palace. So Prince William has done his royal duty and impregnated his wife who is, I'm sure, expected to bear a male heir.
Kate was admitted to the hospital with morning sickness and her hospital visit forced the family to come forward with the news probably earlier than they'd like, as she is most likely not even 12 weeks preggers.
Now I just have to prepare myself for all the annoying baby talk and for how perfectly stylish this royal baby will be in it's Burberry bib. Baby crazy women everywhere are probably so excited because now that Suri Cruise is school age, they were just waiting to find a new baby trendsetter to obsess over.
Also, I'm sure this news will only encourage my mother to up her level of harassment about finding a good man and producing heirs of my own. But I just don't think it's fair to compare a commoner like me to a pregnant Princess with perfect hair.

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