Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pull a Date Out of Your Hat

Just in time for Valentine's Day.....A young woman has taken finding love in NYC into her own hands by posting missed connection posters throughout the subways looking for a man she saw riding a Brooklyn bound A train in November.
Cleverly designed to look like an official MTA poster, this grabs your attention and rips at all the cold, loveless souls by reminding us that a fragile heart is at stake. And she even impressively scripted that in several languages.
But it turns out that these posters aren't just looking for lost love. They are about their author, performance artist Maria Luisa Portuondo Vila, looking for attention for herself and her art and art collective. Ugh, isn't anything real anymore? Even love is an internet hoax.
While Vila does claim to the NY Daily News that this is both an attempt to find love and an art project saying, "I really saw this man in the subway and I like him," I am skeptical. Mostly because of that sketch of the man she is allegedly looking for. It shouldn't be too hard to track down a man wearing a top hat around Manhattan. Right? And if I saw a man in a top hat on the train that I found that beguiling, I certainly would rely on the easy conversation starters of "I love your hat" or "You must have a great milliner" or "Do you have a rabbit in there?" Under no circumstance would I just sit there and let that top hat gentleman pass by.
Also, I feel she may be living out an artist fantasy and just thinking of one of these men. Not that I can really blame her. Maybe she is thinking that like with Frosty the snowman, if she puts a top hat on the man he will become real.

Speaking of men in top hats, remember that man a couple of years ago who ended up in the emergency room with a tiny top hat glued to his head. Maybe he's single?

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