Monday, August 19, 2013

Who Belongs In Politics The Hotties? The Babies? The Kitties? Or Old, White Men?

In case you are like me and are going through your Generation Millennial crisis and wondering where your life is going and feeling you just haven't accomplished enough, let me help you by introducing you to a four year old young man who just got RE-elected (as in he was three when he was first elected) as the Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota.
Oh and in his little vest and dapper hat he's a got good style and clothes too. Great. I'm wearing yoga pants today.
So, meet Mayor Robert "Bobby" Tufts. He was recently interviewed on MSNBC because of his political aspirations and he is starting pre-school this fall.
Sure, he's only mayor of a town that has no formal government because when it was incorporated as part of the nearby town of Park Rapids when zip codes were created. And sure this town only has 28 people who are technically residents in it. And yes, the election is held at the annual food festival, because obviously this bizarre little hamlet with its 4 restaurants declares itself to be the "Restaurant Capital of The World." And we'll overlook that people pay $1 to vote and can vote as many times at this food festival as they are willing to pay-making this the least democratic and legitimate town in the United States. But the bottom line is that this sharp dressed little man seems to have it more together than me, at least he's on a track.....
Now it becomes obvious when you watch the MSNBC interview, that his brains may not be the conductor chugging him along on that track. Despite the fact that during the interview, he calls himself "the boss," you get the distinct vibe that his mom-whose deep Minnesota accent makes her sound like the mom from Bobby's World-is the one doing the plotting here. Not unlike the human puppet-masters behind all those animals that have run for (and in some cases won) office.
But still, you've got to love America where anyone can truly have a chance to be part of politics. Anyone. Your cat, your dog, your toddler, Sarah Palin, Carlos Danger.....anyone.
That is the democratic utopian privilege that other countries are working towards. Take for example that also in the news today was the story of 27 year old Nina Siahkali Moradi of Iran who won a seat in the Qazvin, Iran city council elections but was then disqualified by her colleagues in the council because she’s “too attractive” to join them. Their reasoning mostly cited that her campaign posters, in which she is wearing a full hijab, were too sexy and made them feel that she was in "non-observance of Islamic codes."
Nina Siahkali Moradi's Campaign Poster
Iran has made claims that it is working to bring women into politics, and the new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani nominated a woman as vice president in his new cabinet who will take office only pending the approval of lawmakers. But, based on what happened to young Moradi, I'm not sure we should hold our breath on Elham Aminzadeh getting to take office as Vice President either.
In the US, women have only been able to vote since 1920 amendment to the Constitution, and now, not even 100 years later, we have so many wonderful women involved in politics in local, state, and national level. But let's consider Hilary Clinton-you know I had to work Hilary Clinton into this. Hilary has been greatly scrutinized for her looks, and has gone through apparent make-overs to up her appeal, to make her more attractive. So here in the US, we prefer our female politicians to be more attractive. Just think, if Sarah Palin was homely, would she ever had made it so far? And she certainly wouldn't have made it to the cover of Newsweek in her running shorts. But the US isn't the only country with some hotties leading them. Check out this list of The 10 Most Galmorous Women Politicians of The World. And beside them all being beautiful, what is even more important is that most of them are absolutely inspiring groundbreakers. (Because I'm in no way saying that the defining characteristic of a woman-or any person for that matter- should be appearance.)
So while Iran is worried about a woman being too attractive for city council, here in America we have pre-schoolers and cats taking offices. Whose government is more messed up? Is the fact that we have tots and pets in office a disrespectful slap to the freedom our country stands for and abuse of the system that other countries are striving to achieve?

Conclusion from all this-go out there, take a chance, and make a difference. Especially if you are a woman. If a four year old can do it, so can and should you.

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